Terry Raff
The Singing Mountain Man
Pure entertainment from America's roots
"You may not know this, but one of the reasons I wanted to come to the Festival in Kooskia is, frankly, you're one of my heroes. I've never known an entertainer that knows more of the history of these songs. The fact that you actually research them really impressed me. I enjoy listening to you. I like your style."
Dallas McCord, fellow balladeer and professional emcee, Eugene, OR
".. I enjoyed every minute of The Singing Mountain Man's performance. He is wonderful and very talented. It was by far the best evening we've ever had here. "
Jean L. Yuma, AZ
"We bought (for Christmas) your book for our son who is in the music business in Nashville. Before it was wrapped my husband was reading through it and said, 'I want one too!'"
Vicki Middleworth, Wofford Heights, CA
"I really wanted to tell you each time we see your program I just marvel at how much better your program gets -- this one tops. I wish I could tell you all the nice things that were said - overheard as we left - but one I just have to tell you -- WHAT A SHOW!. I would have gladly paid whatever it took to see."
Skip Tweedy, Bird Island,, MN and San Benito, TX
"I talked to you in 1998-1999 in Vermont. You told me you would have a new tape out by April 2001. Did you get it out? What is it? I would like to get it. Anything else new? Are you going to Vermont this year? If so, where? Can you send me your tour schedule? How do I join your fan club? I already have your two discs and six tapes. Hope to get them all and any new ones. These are the best tapes I have."
Adrian Intveld, Montague, NJ
"... Again, thanks for the recordings. The most cherished part of our collection is the "little heard of person" like yourself. This is where the real music is."
Don and Hazel Sargent, Manhattan, KS
"Your cassette 'All Time Favorites' is the best my husband and I ever heard. Elmer is handicapped (bed ridden), 82 years old. A friend gave him the cassette. We've played it day and night."
Dorothy Heinonen, Republic MI
"Your concert was one of the highlights of our Life on Wheels experience."
Wes Sims, Mukilteo, WA
"We hope to see you at the Death Valley Encampment again next November. I know several of the board members and will be sure to let them know how much we enjoyed your unique kind of entertainment."
Rod Middleworth, Wofford Heights, CA
"You are a distinctive performer. Your songs bring a nostalgia of our youth. Your articulation is a reflection of your teaching English. Your selection of songs endears you to those of us who appreciate the morally clean, romantically sweet, family-oriented songs. To top it all off, your teaching background makes you an interesting storyteller. You combine good grammar, definitive vocabulary, a sense of humor, personal anecdotes and a sprinkling of history and geography to make your stories absorbing. We must have you again."
Ray Raleigh, Activity Director,
Fun N Sun RV Resort, Harlingen, Texas
"Your shows were so well accepted here. You have the distinction of being the first and only entertainer that I've contacted with request to return to perform."
Jurel Jackson, Activity Director,
Rio Valley Estates, Weslaco, Texas
"After setting up his equipment for a performance, Terry was approached by the Activity Director, who informed Terry he planned to leave for another commitment after the opening announcements and introductions. However, he was still seated on the front row at the end of Terry's show, so enamored by what he heard that he couldn't leave. His first comment was, "Well, you see I'm still here. You had them in the palm of your hand tonight, Terry." Another comment from a resident there: "We've been coming to this park for 26 years and his is one of the best programs we've had."
Don Jensen, Activity Director,
Alamo Palms, Alamo, Texas
"Thank you so very much for the wonderful program. The participants are still talking about it. Many consider the Singing Mountain Man the best program we've had here. Your music and personality were just their style."
Georgiana Templin, Senior Center East, Mesa, AZ
"Thank you so much for providing such a fun evening for our Elderhostelers. They thoroughly enjoyed it and said so on the evaluations: "Mountain Man very enjoyable, The Mountain Man was exceptional, loved him, he gets a 6, highest of the point system, Mountain Man best of entertainment, Great, Super! Super!" You will see your check is for more than we agreed on in deference to the quality of your performance."
Lewis-Clark State College, Lewiston, ID
"I heard you singing so I sat down to listen. To my great surprise and joy, you were singing all the songs I used to sing when I was growing up. The tears were running down my face all the time I was listening. I read something about someone else saying that, too, and I just wanted to tell you how much I enjoyed them."
Freya Storholt, Lumberjack Days, Orofino, ID
"Thank you for recording such old and beautiful songs. I am 21 now. When I get married and have children, I hope to pass on an appreciation of this music."
Elizabeth Spurgeon, Boise, ID
"Several things impressed me:...The plainness with which you sang. Every word is clear and distinct. I enjoy hearing how a song came to be written."
Veda Olsen. Big Piney, WY
"I am 85 years old and your kind of music has got all this modern junk beat a hundred miles."
John Ballard, Snowflake, AZ
"We bought one of your tapes at a small store in Idaho. There were more tapes at the store, but we didn't know if you were any good!!! After we got down the road, we wished we'd have bought all of your different tapes."
Lea Bundlach, Birney, MT
"It is so great to know that someone besides me sings all of these old songs, and no one does it better than you."
Minnie Quinn, Plummer, ID
"I would like to get a listing of any tapes you have. The kind of music doesn't matter much. I figure if you play it, I'll like it."
Ernest Galvan, Brownsville, TX
" We enjoyed your music and talk. So seldom you ever hear an entertainer of any kind anymore that does not use dirty language or dirty stories, it was a real treat."
Rita Hazel, Fresno, CA
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