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The Singing Mountain Man
Pure entertainment from America's roots
What's Different About The Singing Mountain Man Show?

The Singing Mountain Man Show has been labeled "unique", "one-of-a-kind", "never seen anything like it."  What makes it so?

For the most part, Terry's shows DO NOT feature songs that can be heard on the radio. His shows especially appeal to the age 55 and over crowd, but his repertoire includes a great variety of songs that appeal to all ages.

Strictly a family show, audiences are never disappointed with offensive material. A hilarious cowboy poetry selection about a white bull that demolishes a barroom is as risque as it ever gets, with mention of beer, whiskey foam, and a barmaid who wet her stool. The moral of this poem is "don't be prejudiced."

Twenty years a schoolteacher, Terry's audiences are now his students as he tells the background or history of songs, explains unusual words or phrases, etc. For example, when singing "The Streets of Laredo," he explains that this is the oldest known melody of any song, nearly 1600 years old, and how the lyrics have been changed over the centuries. Audiences are involved as he asks them to listen carefully to learn from which country this song originated. It could not have come from Laredo with its mention of white linen, drum, fife, sod, and a green valley. The answer becomes obvious. Terry further explains that the Dead March originated with the Black Plague in Ireland.

Nearly every selection - song, story or poetry - is accompanied by a computerized slide show where every phrase of the selection is illustrated with an image, capturing the essence of the selection. Audiences are very attentive as the song unfolds before their eyes, almost like going to the movies. Faces light up as audiences discover what the song is really all about.

Terry honors God, Country, and Family with special selections. He also does tributes to Roy Rogers, Marty Robbins, and Veterans. His shows promote traditional American values that are being challenged today. He does NOT sing drinkin' or cheatin' songs, or ones that glorify lawlessness.

Features songs unique to geographical areas or historical events. American history selections, including settling of the West, Civil War, and The Alamo are in his repertoire. A 90-minute narrated slide show of the Lewis & Clark Expedition and a "Cowboy 101" workshop (separate shows) are other options. See our Presentations page for descriptions of these two shows.

Shows scheduled during special observances are spiced with songs pertaining to the occasion: Valentine's Day, St. Patrick's Day, Easter, 4th of July or Patriotic events, Veterans' Day, Thanksgiving, and Christmas.

Experience a wide range of emotions as you see, hear, and feel this show. For a taste of the show listen to samples at our online store. You will never meet a more genuine entertainer. Many fans agree with Motor Home Magazine Entertainment Editor Gaylord Maxwell: "Nothing beats one country boy with one guitar and a love of singing to set the world aright."

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