Terry Raff, better known as The Singing Mountain Man, has developed a remarkable reputation for a one-man show since his first appearance in 1986 at the Lewis and Clark RV Resort in Kamiah, Idaho. A former school teacher, Terry began a serious singing career in 1989 after a prospecting trip to Quartzsite, Arizona. He called himself The Singing Mountain Man because of his authentic dress and the Indian tipi he lived in while traveling.

Highlights of his career:

  • Rated top entertainer on the Rio Grande Valley RV circuit, March 2000

  • Inducted into America's Old Time Country Music Hall of Fame, September 2005

  • Performed three seasons in Branson at the Hughes Brothers Theatre and area resorts

What his fans have said:

  • Although he may not be in the same league as today's Nashville stars, for my money he's much better. Gaylord Maxwell, Entertainment Editor, Motor Home Magazine

  • Your show was the highlight of our Branson trip.

  • Your kind of music has all this modern junk beat a hundred miles.

  • We came to Branson to hear this kind of music and you're the only one doing it.

Besides the appeal of the ballads, it was undoubtedly his clear tenor voice, dignified casual style, and his sincere, ever-present smile that caused his reputation to grow. He's perfect for what he's doing, said Opal Stoutmeyer, Park Place Estates Activity Director, Harlingen, Texas.

The Singing Mountain Man accompanies himself on the guitar, and many selections are also accompanied by a slide show which captures the essence of the selection. Audiences are very attentive. It's almost like going to the movies, is a typical comment.

Although retired from the RV touring circuit since 2007, Terry is still available for bookings at fairs, festivals, rallies, cowboy poetry gatherings, home concerts, conventions, family reunions and similar events.

His CD's and books are available at his shows and through our online store.

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